Deadpool Vs. Carnage #1 (April 02, 2014)

Two red-suited madmen for the price of one! That’s right — good crazy vs. bad crazy, once and for all! And you can bet it’s gonna be a bloody one!”

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Lon’qu’s morning routine.

If there’s one thing I absolutely CAN’T STAND in video games it’s costumes that make no sense. So ofc this means I have to go out of my way to carefully draw out every single article of clothing on my favorite characters in painstaking detail to match my standards……

Headcanon: Lon’qu gets dressed for his first day in Ylisse with the Shepherds and this is what happen when he walk out the door

I’m sorry Lon’tato. You didn’t ask for this. Nobody did

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im ashamed of how much I’m sexually attracted to Soulja Boy

Me too smh 😳😞

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10 Things we will all miss from our childhood..

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Bill bill bill bill bill bill
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fe:a doodles!!

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this was designed for very young children and i am not a young child i am a 260 pound man

how did you get in there.

how did you get out of there

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So only home girl from frozen can turn up

There’s is nothing I don’t love about that sentence

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The R.A.T.s (Rapid Application Tourniquet) was designed based on feedback from the battlefield where soldiers required a tourniquet that could be easily applied and offered a low profile carry. The tourniquet is already in use around the world by varrying SOF elements and has been proven on the battlefield. The R.A.T.s can fit just about anywhere on your kit and can be quickly applied to an extremety using one hand.


  • 1/2” Flat Bungee Cord quickly stops the bleeding
  • Low vis carry profile
  • Half the price of traditional tourniquets
  • Robust locking system
  • Made in the USA 


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